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YahuPets 99% Antibacterial Quilted Pee Pad

Malaysia’s First 99% Anti-Bacterial Pee Pad with SGS Proven Properties


Strong features:
7 layers of protection

  • Layer 1 – Citrus (lemon) scented layer provides lasting deodorizing effect
  • Layer 2 – Top sheets rapidly absorbs liquid
  • Layer 3 – Ultra absorbent layer prevents spreading
  • Layer 4 – Anti-bacterial polymer properties
  • Layer 5 – Anti-odor wood pulp technology controls and locks in ammonia levels in urine
  • Layer 6 – Heavy duty bottom layer
  • Layer 7 – PE waterproof plastic backing


99% Anti-bacterial SGS proven properties


  • Anti-odor wood pulp technology - superior odor control, keeping your home clean and fresh while providing a comfortable training experience for your furry friends
  • Superior absorbent - Exceptional absorbency, engineered to swiftly and effectively absorb liquids, keeping your pet and surroundings dry, clean and comfortable
  • Strong leak guard - Quilted layer pads liner prevents any liquid from seeping through, ensuring that your floors and carpets remain clean and free from any accidents or spills during pet training
  • Fresh citrus scent - Keep your home smell nice & fresh. With our scented layer it will continuously neutralize the unpleasant odor while releasing a fresh lemon (citrus) scent

3 sizes available:

  • S size / 100 pcs / 33*45cm
  • M size / 50 pcs / 45*60cm
  • L size / 25 pcs / 60*90cm


Package includes: 1 x YahuPets Quilted Pee Pad



1️. Slight color differences may exist due to different lighting and monitor settings.
2️. Items sold cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded. To prevent cross-infection between pets, pet accessories will not be returned or exchanged after they have been sold. Please note before ordering to avoid any inconvenience~


99% Antibacterial Quilted Pee Pad

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